to feel less stressed out

a cup of hot coffee and quiet time

to be able to think clearly

less chores, more fun

a bubble bath and a good book

to invite guests in without embarassment

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Hey there! Feeling overwhelmed?

Have you hit a wall where you're just D-O-N-E?? Chances are you've got your hands up and nodding your head YES because it's true... there are times when I've felt a whole new level of exhausted. And yet, we keep going. We keep showing up, doing our best, while letting our self care and surroundings fall to the waste side.  Don't worry though- I'm with you here. I help clients simplify their life and home so that you can live out the best version of your life! 

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Life is so much more than the endless to do list, the pride in not asking for help (even though you need it), and thriving in chaos. 

I share the tools and work with clients so that they can live with less stress, more focus, and a happier life enjoying the little things! (Like slow mornings, taking the sip of your favorite drink, or fresh sheets.) 

I know what you're thinking, life will never slow down and I'm just not capable of getting it under control. I've got something to share about me that might be a little surprising. 

home organizer, podcaster, wife, & Minimalist.

I'm Hannah

The Overwhelmed Girl's Guide Podcast

for women who want to live life less overwhelmed

Covering all topics of home organization, time management hacks, and conversations with others who struggle with feeling overwhelmed.

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